Solon Perfecto at Barracks for ArteFino 2023

Jose Solon Perfecto showcases limited handmade pieces made for Filipinos that celebrate Terroir Ceramics at ArteFino Festival 2023 this coming August 24 to 27 at The Fifth at Rockwell, Makati City.

What can people expect to see from you at ArteFino 2023?

JSP: Through my brand, Solon Perfecto Ceramics & Culture, I will be featuring a selection of works made using ancient Japanese techniques to make stoneware pottery. My concept blends traditional Eastern art philosophies in foraging wild and local materials together with traditional cigar making, which I learned about in my time working at a local cigar company, by featuring my terroir.

Just as each region has unique qualities to their raw products, I am using both the rural and coastal landscapes of La Union to make clay and glazes that possess the unique characteristics of my environment. I fondly call this approach, Terroir Ceramics.

Expect to see my signature drinking culture pieces for coffee, whiskey, and beer, as well as some cigar ashtrays, all glazed in an ash glaze blend using local fallen woods and rice straw from the fields beside the workshop.

- Jose Solon Perfecto

JSP: For those that celebrate terroir in wines, coffee, cigars, and traditions, my Terroir Ceramics opens up a new way for them to celebrate handmade works, not only because of the story of the artist, but because of the region the materials originate from.

Barracks will be at The Fifth at Rockwell (R5 Level, Powerplant Mall; behind Deli by Chele)

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Solon Perfecto Ceramics & Culture

San Juan, La Union, Philippines

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