Jose Solon Perfecto is the Prodigal Son of Contemporary Philippine Ceramics. He began his path in pottery at the age of 8, under Jon Pettyjohn. In 2018, after spending half a decade as a master cigar blender and young executive at Tabacalera Incorporada, the artist pursued the unhurried life and moved to a surftown.

Solon Perfecto’s works were shown in Metro Manila from 1998 to 2016, making their way to private collectors all over the world. With training in classical music & communication arts, as well as a history in competitive pistol shooting, Solon Perfecto has a highly-disciplined tactile approach to the state of flow that allows him to create his pieces.

His first major solo exhibit, “Etudes In Survival,” was on display at Aphro in Makati City for the whole month of May 2023.

2000 - Trial By Fire (Group Exhibit - Glorietta Art Space, Makati City)

2013 - Salu-Salo (Group Exhibit - J Gallery, Taguig City)

2020 - A Vigil Interrupted (Digital Solo Exhibit - @nood.perfecto on Instagram)

2021 - Our Glass (Solo Exhibit - NOOD New Form Art House, La Union)

2021 - Our Glass (Art In The Park 2021 Online through Sierra Madre Gallery)

2022 - First Rains of May (Digital Solo Exhibit - @solonpercto

2022 - In Pursuit of Less (Group Exhibit - Eskinita Gallery, Makati City)

2022 - First Rains of May (Digital Solo Exhibit - @solonperfecto on

2022 - Sining Tahanan 2022 (Group Exhibit - Tahanan Pottery Shop)

2022 - Elevate Vol. 1 and 2 (Digital Solo Exhibit - @solonperfecto on

2023 - Of The Earth (Group Exhibit - Galerie Stephanie, Mandaluyong City)

2023 - Etudes In Survival (Solo Exhibit - Aphro at The Alley, Makati City)

Retail Placements:

2020 to Present - Solon Perfecto Ceramics & Culture, Collectors’ Showroom (San Juan, La Union)

2023 - El Union Coffee Dispatch (San Juan, La Union)

2022 - Shop 1335/Mabini (Karrivin Plaza, Makati City)

2019 to 2022 - ELISEOS, Home Boutique and Makan Restaurant (San Juan, La Union)



Photo Credit: Tarish Zamora, 2018

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Solon Perfecto Ceramics & Culture

San Juan, La Union, Philippines

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