Jose Solon Perfecto is the Prodigal Son of Contemporary Philippine Ceramics. He began his path in pottery at the age of 8, under Jon Pettyjohn. In 2018, after spending half a decade as a master cigar blender and young executive at Tabacalera Incorporada, the artist pursued the unhurried life and moved to a surftown. Solon Perfecto’s works were shown in Metro Manila from 1998 to 2016, making their way to private collectors all over the world. He is the resident artist & part-owner of NOOD New Form Art House. With training in classical music & communication arts, as well as a history in competitive pistol shooting, Solon Perfecto has a highly-disciplined tactile approach to the state of flow that allows him to create his pieces. In La Union, find his works on display at NOOD or join “Clay Bodies: A Yoga & Pottery Workshop” (by appointment).

Photo credits: Sunset House La Union (IG: @sunsethouselaunion)